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I loved the experience of working with Lou-Ann. I was continually inspired by how she developed the site from beginning to end.

She has a very detailed and aesthetic eye, which was exactly what I was looking for to help my website pop. She was very knowledgeable in every question I had and made my website look very professional.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to develop a clean and well-designed web page or for help in their PR. Thanks so much Lou!

July 2020

Julia Lorehn - Art, Music and Astrology

Arizona, USA


Lou-Ann is doing an excellent job!
After 1 and a half years it was more than needed to launch our website.

She is not just helping with her innovative ideas, technical know-how and enthusiasm she also motivates with her always open smile and her friendly attitude 🙂

It is fun to work with her and I can recommend her for everybody who is wishing for powerful, professional and positive support for websites and social media.
We keep on working with her to launch our Website with an online-shop.
Until now all our convenience is satisfied. Thanks for your all-around carefree package and all the effort and love you give to our project!

January 2020

Caro & Yasmin - „Como Tú“ - Interactiv Gallery

Canary Island, Spain

Creating the Red Revelations website with Lou-Ann over the last few months has been one of my most favourite tasks. Her enthusiasm for not only her work, but my vision was and has been clear from the start. I had a very specific idea of how I wanted the website to look, Lou-Ann took those ideas, injected her unique sparkle into them and created something that exceeded my expectations. In each meeting we had, she would come with questions that made me think differently which not only resulted in a stunning website, but also helped me to identify the direction of Red Revelations as a whole. I was constantly impressed by her, the way she approached the project and the ideas she came up with. I'm deeply grateful to Lou-Ann for how much love and effort she put into Red Revelations.
If you're looking to have your website created from scratch, or re-developed, Lou-Ann is the person for you. She is creative, passionate, encouraging, dedicated and inspiring. You are likely to find that working with Lou-Ann feels less like work and more like an experience not to be missed!
November 2020

Soraya - Red Revelations - Menstruality Mentor

Bali, Indonesia