LA Creative Studio is taking your online presence to the next level through website customization and social media strategies.

LA Creative Studio is a webdesign and online marketing space that helps creative entrepreneurs build & launch their dream website and online presence.

Do you have a message for the world and you want to manifest it online? Are you keen on making your heart-project work? Are you looking for a cohesive and a strategically designed website that will attract your dream audience?

Whether you are ready to kick off your online presence or you want to improve your existing one - LA Creative Studio services are for you and I am ready to help!

Free up your time LA Creative Studio

Free up your time, so you can concentrate on the tasks you enjoy most. Leave the feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked behind you.

Identify your brand LA Creative Studio

Create a more cohesive brand identity, professionalize your presentation, and stay relevant and on-trend.

Connect to your audience LA Creative Studio

You will grow an authentic online community and engage deeper with your audience. This will enable you to provide a higher level of service to your clients and generate more leads.


Female Hands with Jewlerry working on laptopLA Creative Studio Package

THE LA Creative Studio PACKAGE

The most coveted package, the LA Creative Studio Package is essentially everything you need to launch or uplevel your online presence!

I’ll work with you to create a beautiful custom website and social media presence that reflects your unique style that speaks directly to your target audience. I am here to take the design and tech off of your hands. When we’re finished – the only thing you need to do is to be there for your clients!

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Lou-Ann is doing an excellent job!
After 1 and a half years it was more than needed to launch our website.

She is not just helping with her innovative ideas, technical know-how and enthusiasm she also motivates with her always open smile and her friendly attitude 🙂

It is fun to work with her and I can recommend her for everybody who is wishing for powerful, professional and positive support for websites and social media.
We keep on working with her to launch our Website with an online-shop.
Until now all our convenience is satisfied. Thanks for your all-around carefree package and all the effort and love you give to our project!


January 2020

Caro & Yasmin „Como Tú“ - Interactiv Gallery, Canary Islands

LA Testimonials

I loved the experience of working with Lou-Ann. I was continually inspired by how she developed the site from beginning to end.

She has a very detailed and aesthetic eye, which was exactly what I was looking for to help my website pop. She was very knowledgeable in every question I had and made my website look very professional.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to develop a clean and well-designed web page or for help in their PR. Thanks so much Lou!


July 2020

Julia Lorehn - Art, Music and Astrology

About LA Creative Studio

LA Creative Studio is here to help you take your online presence to the next level through website customization and social media strategies.

You have a truly amazing product, teaching or service you want to share, but you just don't know how to bring it from concept up to fly high? I am here to help you make your vision come alive.

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